Friday, November 28, 2008

barcelona. in arts.

the museums in barcelona are pearls embedded in the antique alleys, where I was a fish swimming.
in museu nacional d'art de catalunya, I discovered mariano fortuny and romon casas whose works deeply impressed me; museu picasso materialized the artist's wish (to leave mark in barcelona) by the contribution of jaume sabartes, his close friend ever since their youth and personal secretary from 1935 onwards. there, equally interesting was the las meninas series - a hugely rich interpretative analysis on velazquez's famous work by various following artists including picasso himself - quite an obsession was my impression. the modern museum macba was recognizably richard meier - all white, featuring stairs as show piece which I often find wasting space in a way. whilist the most enjoyable journey was surprisingly taken in the dali collection of real circulo artistico - considering I haven't been a crazy fan of dali's. it was intimate and dramatic, over 700 pieces between sculptures, watercolors, drawings, engravings, lithography's, photography's and singular objects met in the daliniano 3d universe, maximum exponent of the surrealismo. the walls were packed with works that presented to me a much warmer and textured character. I loved him so much that at the end left him my leg behind the theatrical velvet curtains - with three band-aids on the foot. much walking was taken without notice that my feet swelled and sweat at night, but so was my heart - swelled and wet: after eyes saw something wonderful and vulnerable as good arts. and of course, I didn't forget to seize the opportunity to enjoy an opera night at the flamboyant palau de la musica! where at one point, the tenor came to the balcony and sang right besides!
 A big fan