Friday, April 10, 2009

Tactical Products

I found an interesting site today while browsing around. It's called CJ Component Products, LLC at They have all sorts of things there that are used in the Army and such such as military communication products, tactical communication products and even tactical audio accesories. Quality is the biggest concern when buying a military handset. This company called CJ Components is registered with ISO9001 : 2000 for “Manufacture, assembly and supply of audio, radio frequency communication system and wiring components with the permitted exclusion of design and development activity” Their products meet military standards with testing and inspection performed at incoming receiving, at process of in-house manufactured components, during production assembly and to the final product.

Their tactical handsets interface with two-way radio and telephone systems. Military handsets can be incorporated with commercial radio and industrial intercom systems. They interface with most tactical radios and feature noise cancelation, special cord assemblies, push-to-talk switches and wireless options.

Lightweight handsets are ergonomically designed for easy operation with gloves and a comfortable fit under a tactical helmet. Tactical wireless handsets provide high reliability and security within a specialized magnetic field. You can customize electrical characteristics, and radio interfaces depending on your needs.