Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why are you sleeping on the floor...?

One evening after our normal nightly great meals that left everybody bloated and overflow with acids rising from there stomachs, my wife and I had a bit of bickering before bedtime which led to my moving to sleep on the floor of our living room." Next morning my son heard me snoring in the living room. He got curious, so he woke me up and said... Daddy why you sleep on the floor?" "Errrr because Daddy had to..errr.." Before I could say anything else..he provided an answer for himself... "I know!.. Mommy turn in to a skunk again last night!" ..... You see my wife had developed a nick name in the family and we nick named her skunk because mommy FARTS!. Right when he said that, my wife stormed out of the bedroom and stared at us hysterically. But, she couldn't hold her anger, and ended up both of us bursted out in laughter...and we made up... all due to my son's "effort."