Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monk on USA

Last month USA aired its 100th episode of the television show Monk. Monk has been one of the best and most critically acclaimed shows in the history of the USA network. Monk is also one of my p ersonal favorites. It is one of the few shows that my mother an I watch together. In honor of Monk's 100th episode I thought it would be a good time to look back at the 10 best episodes of Monk all-time.

Tenth Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk Stays in Bed

Natalie gets a tip that is too big but when she chases down the pizza delivery guy she finds that he has been killed. Monk can't help on the case because he is stuck in bed so Natalie must solve the case. The best part of the episode comes when Julie gives Monk a get well card but it just annoys Monk because it plays music. So Monk hides the card in a drawer not caring if it hurts Julie's feelings.

Ninth Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk is Underwater

In Mr. Monk is Underwater Monk's fears go to a whole new level. As Monk is trying to solve a case in a submarine he constantly talks to his psychiatrist, who is actually a figment of his imagination.

Eighth Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic

A traffic accident makes the police block off the road for a while. Monk discovers the person in the accident was murdered and one of the people they are stuck with behind the road block is the murderer.

Seventh Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan

The whole cast of Monk is really good so there are a lot of great episodes but some of the episodes that stick out are episodes with great guest appearances. Sarah Silverman is hilarious as Monk's obsessed number one fan.

Sixth Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist

Lieutenant Discher thinks he hears his dentist argue with somebody and kill them while Discher is falling asleep from his medicine. When Discher tells Captain Stottlemeyer about the murder nobody believes him. Discher then quites the police force to work on his band called the Randy Discher Project.

Fifth Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever
One of the best parts of Monk is at the end of each episode when Monk says "here's what happened" and explains how the murderer killed the victim. In the Cabin Fever episode there is a little twist on this. Monk and Discher both say here's what happened and they both give their account of what happened that night.

Fourth Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk and the Astronaut

In Mr. Monk and the Astronaut Monk claims a famous Astronaut murdered somebody even though the astronaut was in space at the time and he's a national hero. The Astronaut tries to bully Monk around but Monk wins in the end. The Astronaut is played by Jeffrey Donovan who would later star in the Burn Notice.

Third Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk and the Actor

Monk is starting to get pretty famous so somebody decides to make a movie about Monk. Stanley Tucci guest stars as the actor that will play Monk in the movie. Stanley Tucci does a great job of impersonating Monk's mannerisms but eventually he dives into Monk's character too far and starts to go crazy.

Second Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Mr. Monk and the Airplane is one of the best Monk episodes because it is one of the episodes where he has the most fears. An airplane miles in the air jammed between two passengers is not a good time for Monk. Monk has to overcome his fears and solve a crime though. Mr. Monk and the Airplane also guest stars Tim Daly which is a nice touch because he and Tony Shahloub spent years together on Wings.

Best Episode of Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum

Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum gets my vote for the best episode of Monk ever mainly because Kevin Nealon gives the best guest star appearance in the history of Monk. Kevin Nealon is just one of a cast of characters that are staying at the insane asylum with Monk. Nealon plays the part of a man who thinks he knows everything and thinks he can do everything.

40 Something

Hugh Laurie (House) plays Paul Slippery, a scattered doctor. He finds himself hearing peoples thoughts and forgetting things, like when was the last time he had sex with his wife, Estelle. His sons are drivin g him crazy too. When a large box comes for one of his sons, he finds a box full of sex toys and lotions. Then, there were the 32 refrigerators that were delivered to his house. Daniel is having sex with his brothers girlfriend, who happens to be his girlfriends sister. When Daniel's brother catches them, he raises the roof. Then, Daniel's girlfriend, who was away in Thailand, comes home unexpectedly and catches Daniel with her sister. On top of that he catches his wife, having lunch with his colleague, Pilfrey. He also happens to have quite a crush on Estelle and is sending her sexy emails. Plus, he also seems to be trying to steal his patients, and prescribing the same drug to all his patients..... no matter what their ailment is. What is he up to? Paul is determined to have an amorous evening with his wife, so he decides to cook a meal from an erotic cookbook. When he tells the kids to get leave and get out of the kitchen so he can cook, he can't believe what he sees. He finds everyone hitting each other with a half a dozen blow up dolls in front of his house, for all the neighbors to see. But, his hard work making his erotic dinner does the trick ,and his wife goes to put on a sexy nighty. When she comes back into the bedroom, she finds Paul fast asleep on the bed. Things heat up even more, when their son gets into his mom's email and responds to one of Pilfrey's sexy emails. Now that he believes Estelle wants him, he is totally out of control. As you can tell, Paul's life is far from boring. Can he stop his over sexed sons? Can he stop Pilfrey from going after his wife? Will he stop him from stealing his patients? Will he find out why he is prescribing the same medication to all his patients? Hugh Laurie is hysterical in this crazy show.