Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It’s the third quarter of the NBA regular season. My son being 4.5 year old is beginning to recognize some of the star players when he sees them on TV such as Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan or Superman Dunker Dwight Howard. He would even yell out “O man! That’s a foul? Come on!” even during game play or when there isn’t a foul. He just likes to say it as part of the routine of watching ball with daddy and in fact he says it to all sports we are watching. The other day he uttered something I just simply didn’t know whether to laugh or to tell otherwise. It was an exciting game between Dallas Mavericks and the much annoying LA Lakers. The game score leads change on almost every position. It was approaching half time and being a national televised game, they showed some of the half time festivities. One of the festivities was the cheerleaders dancing and getting the crowds loud and rowdy. It was perhaps one of the few times that my little boy had seen such festivities. He turned to me and said, daddy look! Yeee hehehe haaha… yeee yeeee (giggles giggles) “Why are they not wearing clothes but only undies! And they are not babies. Only babies can do that and why did the guy (NBC Commentator) call them BABES? And not BABIES?”