Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pure and Golden Nuggest! Fresh..

It seems my son has picked up a small weird habit or routine. Each time he goes to the bathroom and does his number 2, he won't allowed us to look at him. He would somehow get very irritated and frustrated. He's been toilet-trained for almost a year and a half now and completly trained about 6 months ago which means he hadn't had an accident at all for the past 6 months. However, recently about a month ago, after each Golden deposit in his bathroom, he would report to us on the size, condition and how many Nuggets he deposited. "I had three good ones and they are like baby bananas" I am not sure why he does that and he always want to go half way through his dinner. That's why we normally don't eat dessert after our meal.

P.S. The mystery of whether it's Spidey's food or her young is about to be unveiled in the next post. Stay-tuned, folks!