Monday, March 2, 2009

American Idol

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American Idol is changing every time I watch it. When the latest season started I thought they would be bringing new raw unbeatable talent. As I watched and watched I thought I have heard better singers in a Karaoke bar. I am a big fan of American Idol. I have been watching it for years,since it originally aired. When the producers said they would be bringing in a new judge, I thought this was really going to shake things up. At first I liked Kara, then she started to turn me off. Getting back to the contestants, there were so many stories that touched us and made us cry during the original screenings. Now we are watching some of these people grow and try to fulfill their dreams. Now we are about to have a 3 day marathon if you will, to determine the final 12. I am excited, but I will say no one has wowed me yet.

Adam Lambert is in the Top 12 already and is 26 years old. If you don't know him by name then he is the one with the punk rocker hair. There is a lot about this guy that is good. I think that he has some real potential. Let's just hope he picks the right songs on the right nights. He has already been guaranteed a spot in the top 12 . It will be interesting to see how far he actually gets. Another standout contestant is Alexis Grace. She is a 21 year old mother who has a guaranteed spot in the top 12. If you do not recognize her by name then she is the cute blond with the pink streak in her hair. She is one that definitely stands out. Watch for her in the next rounds.

A total shocker to me is the contestant named Allison Iraheta, who has also nabbed a spot in the top 12. She is the girl with the all red hair. For a 16 year old I think she does more than pretty good and I am expecting her to wow me more and more. Jackie Tohn is a favorite of so many already. However, she is not a favorite of mine. While I give the girl credit for good singing, She just is not the type of singer I want as my next Idol. I just do not think she will make it past the 12.

It is hard to get past Matt Breitzke, who I look at like a big teddy bear. He has such a nice demeanor about him. His presence is very inviting. Which might just get him the votes he needs. We will see. Michael Sarver, is another guy who I have my eye on. He has a charisma about him that just draws me to him every time . He is the kind of guy that is everybody's friend. I think that he has a great chance of advancing further, not only as he is a good singer, but the ladies will favor him. He seems like the guy all the girls want to date. Who knows if he is taken or not. Who cares! I can't wait to see how far he makes it. Tatiana Nicole Del Toro was a mess, and although it was good for TV I am glad that she is gone. Sorry Tatiana. I think you would be great on a soap opera!

Keep your TVs' tuned this next week for a 3 day marathon to the top 12. This week will be saying a lot about what will be happening in this competition.