Monday, June 9, 2008

Sharing Dirty Underwear

One of my son’s friends comes over to play often. They have known each other since they were little. He is a year older than my son but both play well with each other. It’s always funny watching them playing together with trucks, blocks and superhero figures. When it’s time to go home, it’s like the ending scene from Romeo and Juliet in which both are not willing to part from one another. One would be crying with fluid coming out of his nostrils while the other would throw a tantrum on the floor. They are the best of friends. There was one weekend that my son’s friend came over to spend the afternoon. It was a hot summer day so my son suggested to go swimming. He came over to mommy and asked for permission and mommy responded by saying, sorry hon your friend didn’t bring his swimming shorts and extra set of clothes. My son immediately responded by dropping his own underwear and shorts and said, “I can share my clothes with him!” Mommy was speechless since his friend was jumping up and down repeating can we pleaseeeee can we pleaseee go swimming! But….

,…there in the living room, my son stood with his best buddy next to him, AND without his pants or underwear on. What a scene! And to top it off, my son just went for number 2 and forgot to do his wiping business which he is prone to do when he rather does other things like playing or spending time with his friend. What innocence of the ones young at heart. Friendship has no boundaries even if it means sharing dirty (yucckkk) underwear!