Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 Deciding moments for Obama Campaign

One of the things which is always entertaining is to see the different things which politicians and enthusiastic supporters of these politicians, campaigns, and parties seem to come up with to show their support. Without question, the 2008 presidential campaign is one for the record books and has helped push out the capacities of people's involvement and their affiliation with their candidate. New Yorkers are never quiet when it comes to, well, just about anything; but even New Yorkers have been able to impress with their creativity and solidarity.

Here are, in my crude accounting, my three most favorite moments for advertising in this year's campaign.

1) Obama Girl: Who could forget this? A hot girl, wearing a tight Obama T-Shirt, singing a song about her "crush on Obama," standing in front of cardboard cut outs of the Senator? I mean, really? Besides the obvious plusses, this went to the larger theme of introducing YouTube to a bunch of crotchety old politicians and further showing how individuals are able to get involved and show their support, even if they live nowhere near DC or want nothing to do with politics but in a broad sense.

2) Obama Paraphernalia: You need to be living under a rock not to have seen any of the various Obama Paraphernalia going on in the market place, on t-shirts, in stores, and online. People have really been pushing this guy making him that much more of a valued commodity. A couple of really fun things I'd just seen are attached in image form; in addition to all the regular stuff, there was this bakery downtown which used the Obama "Hope...Change" animations to introduce their cupcakes. Who said that creating your own emblem for the campaign was a bad idea? The other image attached is from a building on 7th Avenue; the thing which is impressive here is that this has to be at least 2 or 3 different people each willing to hold up and maintain a letter in the Senators name. Not bad.
3) Facebook: One more engagement for Obama was using Facebook. If you became a Facebook friend or supporter of Obama you got a message just about every day. Written in a personal tone, these were letters allegedly from the Senator, talking about what is going on, reminding everyone about the stakes, and urging them to vote. In a sort of "1984" move, today's (election day) message was simply titled "Vote." A simple, strong, (some would argue, bullying) message.

Whatever you think of Obama, his politics, his experience, his value as a Senator, his ability to be President, or anything else, you can't argue with his skill at getting his name and face out into the public sphere, identifying himself to the public, and getting his message into your head.

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