Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boom! Midnight Surprise Special!!

For those of you who have been following my other blog Reflections, then you should know about my son's addiction to his stuff dog family. He actually named them O-Gee's. He's got a Daddy O-Gee, Mommy O-Gee and one little Og-Gee which represents himself. He is fascinated with dogs and would watch all kinds of shows about dogs.
He would watch Blue's clues and the Big Red Dog. He would also catch some dog shows on the animal channel. Well lately it seems my son has taken his fascination to a whole new level. He starts immitating dog behaviors which is a bit weird but somehow cute in our parental eyes. As most of you know, dog like to sniff each other's behind and my son would occasionally play pretend with his stuff dog family. He would use them to sniff each other's behind. One night, my son came over to sleep in our bed and as usual I would then go to his room to sleep since he always does a 360 degree lethal spin move on our bed that either results in me being kicked off the bed or Mommy. This time it was my turn to get kicked by the powerful 360 degree shadow kick! So I left to sleep on my son's bed. As it was approaching dawn and when the sun was almost struggling to get out to the horizon, my son came back to his room, which is very unusual. He wanted to sleep on his own bed again. Being awaken twice in one night, I was a bit agitated. I ask him, "what's wrong son? Why did you move again?"
With his droopy eyes, he uttered, "Mommy stinks! and I got a little too close like what little O-Gee did with Mommy OG's behind and Mommy went 'KABOOM!'"

I need to learn that trick from my wife in order to get a good night sleep.

Slippery slide wetn' wild

Once again, kids say the funniest and most innocent thing. Recently mommy borrowed a book about the human body from the library and has began reading the book to our little son. My son got quite an imagination. He would start talking to his food each time when he takes a bite.. He would say "welcome to the Wet and Wild ride" and takes a big mouth full of food with a satisfying look on his face. I asked him curiously why he said that. He said "mommy's been teaching me about my body parts and she showed me what's inside my tommy. Some of the stuff inside me looks like the water ride close to our home." To complete the story, my son also has a habit of taking a potty break and going number two in the middle of a meal. My son is right, it is like a water ride theme park inside his tummy except there is no long lines to wait! In they go and OUT they comee..WEeeee AND Splaasshhh! .

Dirty Underwear

My son has been getting up in the middle of the night on his own. It used to be every time when he gets up, he would also wake one of us up and wanted us to accompany him to make a potty trip. However, a few days ago, after mommy admonishing him for waking her up in the middle of the night, he seemed to want to gain some independence on his own. The following few nights, he did not wake either of us up along with him, which we saw as a good thing. Boys do love there mommies and they do listen to them. This new-found independence was for sure welcome.. until..mommy discovered something else in the morning.

Mommy found out that he went for number two in the middle of the night and then went right back to bed... WITHOUT wiping or flushing the toilet! Mommy almost fainted in the morning when she helped him change into day clothes and she saw the... DIRTY UNDERWEAR... eeeiii...YUCK!!!!! It's like smear chocolate on white background. You get the picture! :) Boys are dirty and they simply don't mind it. Since then, mommy has had a change of heart and decided to wake up in the middle of the night. She has also stopped admonishing him for it. So... careful what you say to your little kiddos!