Monday, March 9, 2009

Watchmen and Malin Akerman


Watchmen debuted to a number of midnight showing around the country,
and is showing that many people are indeed interested in seeing the
film. The Watchmen movie already made $4.6 million in its first
showing, marking it as a quick success. Not only that, but Watchmen
reviews are also a hot commodity now, as potential viewers try to
learn it is worth the full price of admission to witness what the
Watchmen characters can really do on the big screen.

By bringing in $4.6 million before it even opens to wide release on
Friday night, the number shows that there are going to be enough
interested parties to propel the film to #1 over the weekend.

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question remaining for everyone, is just how much money the movie can
make, and if enough people are interested in seeing the graphic novel
come to life. It's not always a predictable number by just gauging
what is made at midnight showings, but it can really shed some light
on whether people are willing to stand in line, or get exhausted at a
film that is almost three hours in its full presentation.

Already Watchmen reviews are criss-crossing the internet, and sites
like Rotten Tomatoes are benefiting greatly from the extra exposure a
film like this can generate. The Watchmen trailers have been out for
quite a while now, and as the movie got closer to being released, it
seems like they amplified just how many times it was shown during the


With around six different trailers presented in the end, the
producers sought to really spread out the demographics that could get
interested in the Watchmen characters, and it seems like so far they
are doing exactly what was needed.

The question now becomes whether the film will continue to garner box
office success, or if the first audiences decide they don't like it,
and thus pan it in their reviews of Watchmen. It's definitely a film
that is going to cover the wide spectrum of analysis. These reviews
take full advantage of Watchmen quotes, and as the film goes to
wide-release, word out mouth could become an important commodity to
the film. If the first audiences love it, that could spell great
success, but if they hate it, that is another ball of wax altogether.

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