Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scaring your neighbor's Kid

One of the things about the neighborhood that we live in is that our neighbors are simply just too nice. They are very neighborly. The neigborhood kids would all congregate together almost every day and they would just go door to door and play at different houses. Well I noticed that the kids didn't congregate at our house that much and I started to wonder why. Why is it that they are always at Mrs XX's home? I asked my son one day, and he said, "Mrs XX always has lots of food to eat like pop-corns, chips, ice-cream sandwiches, sweets and goodies!" I know the's food! Not to be outdone, I decided to go crazy shopping for goodies. We went to our local chinese store and picked up finger food. We bought guava juice, coconut candy, shrimp crackers, liquid yogurts, stinky tofu, mini egg yoke filling moon cakes and to top if off, dried squids dipped in yummy sauce. I actually don't know what kind of sauce it is, it's just simply yummy sauce. It's really really yummy. I was set for them to swamp our homes. So the next day, I told my son to invite them over and he did. Lots of kids came by and we started serving the snacks. My wife left them alone with the snacks and went to get some guava juice drinks. When she returned, the kids all vanished! Where did they all go. My son was the only one left and he said..mommy..they said our food stinks..the stinky tofu is a no no.
Boy, if we are in Asia, we will be the talk of the neigborhood for sure. Now we are still the talk of the neigborhood but the talk contents might be very very different!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pure and Golden Nuggest! Fresh..

It seems my son has picked up a small weird habit or routine. Each time he goes to the bathroom and does his number 2, he won't allowed us to look at him. He would somehow get very irritated and frustrated. He's been toilet-trained for almost a year and a half now and completly trained about 6 months ago which means he hadn't had an accident at all for the past 6 months. However, recently about a month ago, after each Golden deposit in his bathroom, he would report to us on the size, condition and how many Nuggets he deposited. "I had three good ones and they are like baby bananas" I am not sure why he does that and he always want to go half way through his dinner. That's why we normally don't eat dessert after our meal.

P.S. The mystery of whether it's Spidey's food or her young is about to be unveiled in the next post. Stay-tuned, folks!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It’s the third quarter of the NBA regular season. My son being 4.5 year old is beginning to recognize some of the star players when he sees them on TV such as Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan or Superman Dunker Dwight Howard. He would even yell out “O man! That’s a foul? Come on!” even during game play or when there isn’t a foul. He just likes to say it as part of the routine of watching ball with daddy and in fact he says it to all sports we are watching. The other day he uttered something I just simply didn’t know whether to laugh or to tell otherwise. It was an exciting game between Dallas Mavericks and the much annoying LA Lakers. The game score leads change on almost every position. It was approaching half time and being a national televised game, they showed some of the half time festivities. One of the festivities was the cheerleaders dancing and getting the crowds loud and rowdy. It was perhaps one of the few times that my little boy had seen such festivities. He turned to me and said, daddy look! Yeee hehehe haaha… yeee yeeee (giggles giggles) “Why are they not wearing clothes but only undies! And they are not babies. Only babies can do that and why did the guy (NBC Commentator) call them BABES? And not BABIES?”

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A little boy's prayer

Thank you God for giving us this great day. Thank you God for the story we read tonite about Noah's ark. God I want to build an ark too because there are a lot of bad people around me. Please let me know soon if you are going to flood this whole world again. I hear from daddy that building materials especially timber price have gotten very high due to the rapid rising oil price. God, if you would let me know sooner when you would flood the world, that would be best because that way I can save my daddy some money before I charge the timber purchase on his credit card. Thank you God Amen.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


About once a month my wife goes on a tear and I don't mean on paper. I guess this is the difference between males and females but I just wish us males could get our fair share as well. We need to be compensated somehow for the few days of lost sanity, abuse and control. Yes, you guess it! I am talking about PMS week! We as men need to have guys PMS week of our own where we could do, say, be insensitive as much as we want! In our household this is how to combat PMS, my four year old son and I gang up and sing silly annoying make-up song of "Mama is a bit nutty cause she's got PERMANENT MENTAL SYNDROME" to the tune of "Ring Rround the Rosy" and instead of falling down, we would sing at the end.. "We all go NUTS!"

A hint to guys, please do these annoying disturbing things after the week of the PMS and not DURING otherwise you might be the one that develops Permanent Mental Syndrome! Also please be aware of Pre-PMS week and Post-PMS week as these are also very volatile times. I compare these two periods as the smoke coming out of the volcano before the actual eruptions and the villagers are getting ready to run for their dear lives!