Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music to my ears

...I spent the night organizing music...listening to classical is like watching the world - whenever something is learned, it's time to be modest and learn it again I think...
share -
chopin. ballade no 1 in g minor op23 (1835-36)
...also share some memorable performance by young chinese virtuosos well received by the world -
+ sa chen (b. 1979. prize winner of some most prestigious competitions...leeds, chopin, van cliburn)
...I think this was in va cliburn competition in 2005: ravel gaspard de la nuit.
she came to new orleans to give a performance after katrina despite the old concert hall was destroyed...
+ another sichuan (the earthquake province) native - yundi li (b. 1982. the youngest pianist to win chopin competition at 18. since 1985, the 1st prize was not awarded to anyone until in 2000, the world found him.)
...chopin piano concerto no.1 in 2000. second movement. warsaw philharmonic orchestra. conducted by kazimierz kord.
+ I guess everyone knows lang lang (b. 1982)...just share an intimate piece accompanied by his father playing erhu -
horse. composed by haihuai huang. a chinese piece in his recital in carnegie hall. 2003.
the recording of the recital wan a 2005 amadeus austrian music award. the recital dvd wan 2005 echo klassik.
...and two of my recent paintings -
+ a red flower. oil on canvas. 8'x11'...on its way to kids from the earthquake. 6/1 is childrens day. over 4,000 newly became orphans...
+ current. watercolor on paper. 16'x20'... no, heart is not light lately.
A big fan

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