Friday, September 5, 2008

Memorable TV Commercials

Football is not just the only reason why many people watch the Super Bowl on their televisions. People not just watch the football game but during the breaks they watch the commercials as well. Many big corporations and companies compete to get even a few minutes of commercial time. Millions of dollars are spent on these commercials. Big companies and corporations know that the Super Bowl broadcast is the biggest way to advertise to millions of people. During the past ten years these commercials have gotten creative, political, funny, sexual, and some get media attention. Companies and Corporations make these commercial memorable so the consumer can remember their product especially since millions of people are watching. Some commercials relate to football and others have different methods of selling a product.

Every year the commercials get more creative and outrageous to compete and advertise a product. What will the 2009 Super Bowl commercials bring? As of yet we do not know, but if we take a look back at the past commercials of the decade we can see what we may be in stored for. Here are 10 of the most memorable Super Bowl Commercials of the decade.

# 10 Mascots Commercial advertising MasterCard 2005

In this commercial you see many food mascots including the Pillsbury dough boy, the chef from Chef Boyardee, the Vlasie Stork, Star-Kist tuna, the jolly green Giant and Mr. Clean. All of these icons are eating dinner together and this is one of MasterCard's Priceless commercial. It definitely was cute, and MasterCard also were able to advertise all the products of different food companies by showing off their mascots.

# 9 Toasted or Untoasted Commercial advertising Quiznos 2002

This commercial is advertising Quiznos. A lady is sitting in front of a toasted and untoasted Sub; she picks the wrong one and gets shot by a dart.

# 8 Castaway Commercial advertising FedEx 2003

A castaway returns a package that he found with him on his island. He did not open the package returning it to the person that was supposed to receive it. The recipient opens it in front of him and reveals a cell phone and seeds. This commercial is very funny.
# 7 Candy Commercial advertising M&M 2002

A guy checks into a hotel and waiting in his room is a big complimentary talking red M&M

# 6 Rock, Paper, Scissors Commercial advertising Bud light 2007

Two men play Rock, Paper, and Scissors to win the last Bud Light. The man you plays rock literately throws a rock at the other man and wins the Bud Light.

# 5 Ford Hybrid: Kermit the Frog Commercial for Ford 2006

Kermit the Frog rides his big through rough terrain, kayaks, and climbs a mountain using transportation that is environmentally friendly saying it's not easy being green. He then reaches the top of the mountain to find the Ford Hybrid and all its features and then says maybe it is easy to be green.

# 4 Horny Talking Monkey Commercial for Bud Light 2004

A horny talking monkey is shown to a guys date

# 3 Checkout Girl Commercial advertising Doritos 2007

A Doritos checkout girl gets seductively excited over Doritos flavors while checking out a customer

# 2 Marketing commercial advertising 2007

This commercial is showing a marketing office with a bunch of sexy girls in the room

# 1 Kiss commercial advertising snickers 2007

Two men eat the same snickers and share in a kiss. This commercial got media attention by gay rights activist.