Monday, August 18, 2008

Going on..?

it's been so much information lately. spent the day in museum to be quiet...
I find myself often walking fast when it comes to contemporary western arts.
there's a feeling of void. after kandinsky, dali, pollock, feels (is it just me?): out of focus.
- I joke with friend: western depression used to be fine.
if to see the world art in continuity, I think what's really happening is chinese contemporary arts.
I haven't been following the skyscraping auction price, but
just for one thing: they're actively self portraying. - how exciting: artists not being tired of themselves.
I won't consider the culture revolution era being blank in arts. the real void was in 80s and 90s.
it has never been lack of ideas, but the sense of self...
people here think it's the repression. but I think it was too much influence from the west:
artists follow - what's worse? 
but it came back interesting recent years...they found their way.
this soil they grew in is not pure. they find a way to express it shamelessly.
honesty builds up confidence. always.   
it's something much more interesting, substantial and vangard-ing.
world is in a fusion, I think.
searching for modern culture identity would be more and more difficult. and unnecessary.
for cultural identity has always been in every viewer. often merely a matter of scale.
- thought this is what I want to share more than Confucius today.
A big fan

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