Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cell Phone Evolution

It is not only possible, but very true that while people need cell
phones for the simple purpose of communicating with others, there is a large number of people who need cell phones beyond communication. For example, people and mostly youths, may want them for showing-off, belonging to a certain social group or as proof of keeping pace with technology. This is not a necessarily bad idea, depending on the status or wealth of the individual. If you want your phone to be more than just a communication device, then these suggestions on the features of the cell phone of your choice may be of help to you:

Think of the media facilities. Any modern and up-to-date cell phone must be of high quality in its media provisions. It must have at least an MP3 player (there are some phones with MP4), connectivity to PC, data transmission from phone to phone and to other devices, WAP facilities, FM radio bands (of which you can get access to about more than ten FM stations), cordless Bluetooth services, detachable memory card etc. These are services that any manufacturer is attempting to include to make its product features supercede those of other manufacturers.

There should be an option to download music and video into your
cell phone and play them whenever you want. There should be good quality sound and image, but much quality is derived from using external hearing devices. This must be possible only with the availability of a USB cord, another indispensable feature of a modern
cell phone.

The camera facility should be of the same quality like the audio and visual facilities.

Associated with the camera and media features is the storage capacity of the phone. Most up-to-date cell phones have got at least 512MB of storage capability. Also worthy of note is the fact that most high tech phones do possess videotaping facilities for more than twelve hours of which you can connect to a TV set for a clearer view. Some phones also have a TV card through which you can watch the TV from your handset.
Next is the shape of the phone. The weight and shape must be very comfortable when handling the phone. Smaller cell phones are usually expensive and up-to-date than bigger cell phones. A cell
phone should be small enough to for its user to fold or coil his fingers round it, and spacious enough for the fingers to go over a button without touching on the other buttons. The keys must swill out with or must not go beyond the face of the cell phone.

Another important modern feature is the browser. A modern cell phone must have that service that can gain access to the internet.

Last but not least, we must consider the battery of the phone. The batteries of most modern phones must be extraordinary, providing about ten hours of talk time and at least ten days of usage before recharging.

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