Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scaring your neighbor's Kid

One of the things about the neighborhood that we live in is that our neighbors are simply just too nice. They are very neighborly. The neigborhood kids would all congregate together almost every day and they would just go door to door and play at different houses. Well I noticed that the kids didn't congregate at our house that much and I started to wonder why. Why is it that they are always at Mrs XX's home? I asked my son one day, and he said, "Mrs XX always has lots of food to eat like pop-corns, chips, ice-cream sandwiches, sweets and goodies!" I know the's food! Not to be outdone, I decided to go crazy shopping for goodies. We went to our local chinese store and picked up finger food. We bought guava juice, coconut candy, shrimp crackers, liquid yogurts, stinky tofu, mini egg yoke filling moon cakes and to top if off, dried squids dipped in yummy sauce. I actually don't know what kind of sauce it is, it's just simply yummy sauce. It's really really yummy. I was set for them to swamp our homes. So the next day, I told my son to invite them over and he did. Lots of kids came by and we started serving the snacks. My wife left them alone with the snacks and went to get some guava juice drinks. When she returned, the kids all vanished! Where did they all go. My son was the only one left and he said..mommy..they said our food stinks..the stinky tofu is a no no.
Boy, if we are in Asia, we will be the talk of the neigborhood for sure. Now we are still the talk of the neigborhood but the talk contents might be very very different!