Tuesday, July 1, 2008


About once a month my wife goes on a tear and I don't mean on paper. I guess this is the difference between males and females but I just wish us males could get our fair share as well. We need to be compensated somehow for the few days of lost sanity, abuse and control. Yes, you guess it! I am talking about PMS week! We as men need to have guys PMS week of our own where we could do, say, be insensitive as much as we want! In our household this is how to combat PMS, my four year old son and I gang up and sing silly annoying make-up song of "Mama is a bit nutty cause she's got PERMANENT MENTAL SYNDROME" to the tune of "Ring Rround the Rosy" and instead of falling down, we would sing at the end.. "We all go NUTS!"

A hint to guys, please do these annoying disturbing things after the week of the PMS and not DURING otherwise you might be the one that develops Permanent Mental Syndrome! Also please be aware of Pre-PMS week and Post-PMS week as these are also very volatile times. I compare these two periods as the smoke coming out of the volcano before the actual eruptions and the villagers are getting ready to run for their dear lives!