Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wild card choice

Meet sexy singles!

The wild card choice is without a doubt a matter of personal taste. The first name that comes to mind is Anoop Desai. Looking back over his audition and Hollywood week, I am still wondering why he is not sitting in one of those chosen seats.
And let us not forget the infamous hysterics of Tatiana Del Toro. I wonder if we could stand another dose of her split personality. It would be funny if she was not so annoying. Funny could work for her, a la Nick/Norman Gentle.
With a different outfit and some choreography Jackie Tohn could be a contender for the coveted return spot. And I personally love her sound. Forgive for saying so but she reminds me of Janis Joplin, a great gritty girl with a lot of moxie. Bring her back with a little direction and I believe it would be a great show.
How many country fans are out there? Because Brent Keith could have used your votes, but ya'all didn't come through for him. Well maybe wild card will be his second chance. That really is a big maybe. I do enjoy the occasional country tune and/or singer but it is not the first choice for me. But this guy does have a great sound and with a better song choice I think he would have possibly been someone to beat.
Of all of those who didn't make it through to one of the first three seats, these four show promise for the wild card spot. Out of those mentioned I my favorite chick pick is Jackie Tohn and my favorite guy is definitely Anoop "Angel" Desai.
Whom do you pick for the wild card slots? Are you ready for group number 2? I know I am.

Meet sexy singles!

Kid's stuff meal

With the economy gone bad, going out for restaurant meals has become a luxury many Americans have relinquished. With job losses and housing foreclosures at record high, obtaining enough food to eat is a challenge for many that doesn't leave room for restaurant excursions. With a bit of searching, you can find free food in this bad economy.
Free IHOP Short Stack of Pancakes
Where can you find free food in the bad economy? Start with the International House of Pancakes. Tomorrow only the International House of Pancakes is offering free short stacks of pancakes to visitors to its restaurants from 7 am to 10 pm. The IHOP free pancake promotion aims to draw attention - and contributions- to the Children's Miracle Network. But the free pancakes are available to anyone, no questions asked.
Free Quiznos Sub Sandwich
Quiznos is offering one free small Quiznos sub sandwich coupon to its website visitors who register for its Quiznos Q-Club. There is no purchase obligation with Q-Club membership and members can opt out at any time. So far, Quiznos has given away more than 95,000 free sub coupons.
Free Small Spaghetti Dinner at Fazoli's
The Fazoli's Italian restaurant chain has started a revolution in response to the bad economy and is offering different free food coupons each week. By signing up this week, "revolutionaries" can receive a free spaghetti dinner. Fazoli's operates 260 restaurants in 28 states.
Free Noodle Meal at Noodles and Co. and Other Free Birthday Meal Offers
Unlike IHOP, Quiznos and Fazoli's, Noodles and Co. makes you wait for your birthday to cash in on its free food offer. Sign up for Noodles and Co.'s newsletter and in time for your birthday, you'll receive a coupon for a free Noodles and Co. noodle dish.
Find listings for other restaurants such as Red Robin and Tucanos which offer free birthday meals at mrcheapstuff.
Kids Eat Free Deals
Not quite as attractive as the no strings attached free meals offered by IHOP, Quiznos and Fazoli's but still appealing to some... If your family can still afford the occasional meal out in this bad economy but you're looking for savings wherever you can find them,  check out websites like kidsmealdeals and mykidseatfree for restaurants that offer kids eat free deals with purchase of adult meals.