Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New York Comedy clubs - A recent visit

I recently visited New York City and came away with a few great findings. There are thousands of people who tour New York City every day from around the United States and the world. There are so many different cites to see and so many things to do that it can be overwhelming. For anyone who wants to laugh and be entertained, New York City offers some great comedy clubs. The three best comedy clubs are: Laugh Factory, Caroline's, and HA! These three comedy clubs are all located in Times Square or just off of it.

The Laugh Factory is my personal favorite comedy club that I have been to several different times.
Famous comedians have been to the Laugh Factory and the chain comedy club can be found in almost every state in the country. The list of famous comedians who have performed at the Laugh Factory in Times Square in New York includes Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. The Laugh Factory is a really nice place and has a great atmosphere. Tickets are a little expensive. For most shows, each ticket is around $30 plus you have to buy a 2 drink minimum of either alcoholic drinks or soda. Thus your total will come out to about $40. When the show is about to start, all the people will be brought up to the show room which has nice leather benches and tables for people to sit. There is a big stage that is lit very well from lighting and there is an MC who will start the show and introduce all the comedians. Just about every comedian was funny, although some were hysterically funny while others were just mildly funny. Altogether it was a great evening that was highly entertaining and definitely I would recommend to people. The most memorable time I remember at the Laugh Factory was when four Afghanistani ladies were sitting in the front row of the show and every single comedian made jokes about them. The ladies took the jokes in stride but it was still very funny.
Caroline's is another great place to stop by. I've only been there once but they have a great show for their audience. The comedy club is located on Broadway Avenue in New York City, right near Times Square. The list of past comedic performers includes Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O'Donnell, Tim Allen and Jay Leno. Caroline's has a very nice and elegant atmosphere with tables lit by candlelight. Prices for comedy shows is a little expensive; slightly more than Laugh Factory, ranging from $40-$50 a show. However, the comedians are usually big names or people who will become big names in the entertainment industry. Caroline's definitely knows talent in comedy when they see it and you will get your money's worth for the night.

The comedy club called HA! In Times Square is very different than the other two mentioned comedy clubs. In fact the only reason that I have listed this comedy club is because it is so cheap. Admission is $9 plus the 2 drink minimum which can be found at almost every comedy club. Thus the total you will spend for the night will be a little less than $20. HA! has some decent comedians but they are not nearly as
funny as comedians in Caroline's' or Laugh Factory. In addition, HA! lacks the track record of famous comedians appearing at their club. Furthermore, the atmosphere at HA! is simply poor in comparison. The room is dimly lit and the stage for comedians is small. Usually the audience size is nowhere near as big as the other two comedy clubs. Some comedians are funny but for two comedians I saw at their club, they didn't have prepared material and instead used the audience for their jokes. This resulted in dead air time and moments of awkward silence which was not a good thing.