Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel and Bachelor

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Jimmy Kimmel is not known as someone who gets to take down celebrity
guests. Kimmel is better known for viral videos and dating Sarah
Silverman - and sometimes Ben Affleck - off and on. But Jimmy Kimmel
got to cut The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, down to size after the Jimmy
Kimmel Cuts Down Jason Mesnick After Bachelor Twist Ending shocking
end to the latest Bachelor season. Jason Mesnick pulled a questionable
bait and switch, and Kimmel let him know it in his first post-Bachelor

At the end of The Bachelor, single father bachelor Jason Mesnick chose
Melissa Rycroft as the winning contestant. But in the subsequent
six-week reunion finale, Jason and Melissa were already no more. To
the shock of fans, Jason had already split up with Melissa, and was
seen at the reunion with fellow contestant and runner up Molly Malaney
instead. Jason had made his choice in the finale, then instantly
changed his mind to end the season.

So when Jason Mesnick faced the press, a.k.a. Jimmy Kimmel, he got
ribbed a little bit for his flip-flopping. Kimmel questioned Mesnick
over changing his mind, as Mesnick explained that Melissa Rycroft was
who he wanted - on that particular day of the finale.Kimmel made fun
of Mesnick's decision making process, asking if he still had the
number of the other Bachelor contestants, just in case. When Mesnick
hoped that he and Melissa would be friends, Kimmel laughed that they
wouldn't. He also suggested that since Mesnick has a history of
proposing on television, he should do it there if he ever pops the
question to Molly Malaney.

Kimmel is usually the first one to get reality show scoop from the
contestants on ABC shows. Dancing with the Stars practically co-runs
Jimmy Kimmel Live whenever it comes on, as Kimmel always has the
losing contestants and the winners appear on his show right out of the
gate. But until Dancing with the Stars comes back very soon, Kimmel
had to settle for the Bachelor, and talking about his two girlfriends.
The interview was just the final cap on another crazy night in reality
television land. The entire ordeal has already made people speculate
that the whole Jason-Molly-Melissa triangle was one scripted affair to
get The Bachelor some headlines at season's end. Reality shows are
usually scripted behind the scenes, but not usually to that kind of
obvious effect.

However, those who read US Weekly may not have been stunned, as their
last issue reported on Jason's quick dumping of Rycroft after the
finale. ABC may not have succeeded completely in containing the
surprises - though fortunately, US Weekly subscribers may not be Jimmy
Kimmel Cuts Down Jason Mesnick After Bachelor Twist Ending a key
Bachelor demographic.